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What features help nulled sites rank better?

Have you ever wondered why, out of thousands of nulled software websites, why some consistently rank better than others? This is usually due to a variety of factors, but might include things like: shopping cart download links my account/login page join now/membership/registration/pricing demo links FAQ page

Why are there free and premium versions of WordPress extensions?

For many WordPress plugins and themes, there are both a free version, and also a premium or "pro" version available. This is because WordPress is a free and open source software under the GPL license, meaning anyone can customize it or use it. The community encourages a free and open source version of extensions to better jive with WordPress philosophy, and so that users can see and audit the code quality of any extensions. However over the years, as more developers and agencies made a living with WordPress, the demand for premium/pro versions increased so they could better support themselves financially. Paying for a premium or pro version might give you a few extra features that the free versions don't have. And it allows you to support the developers who invest their time into maintaining the code on your behalf.

What exactly are WordPress themes and plugins?

WordPress is the most popular free software on the web for creating websites. It is totally free and licensed under the GPL license, which means anyone can reuse, resell, or customize the software in their projects. WordPress themes, also called templates, are pre-built layouts that you can install to WordPress to quickly create a nice looking website. WordPress plugins provide more of specific functionality that do not really belong in a theme, for example, SEO plugins, or eCommerce plugins, or other such functionality that can remain enabled even if you switch to another theme.

Do you host or link to any illegal software?

No we don't host or link to any illegal software, nulled software, or other software that is unlicensed or infringing copyright. The entire purpose of NULLPARTY is just a fun marketing project to try and intercept common search phrases and then introduce WordPress users to some of our free software alternatives.

What company owns or manages NULLPARTY?

This website is owned and maintained by LittleBizzy, a long-time player in the WordPress community who released the SlickStack and HoverCraft open source projects.

What is the purpose of NULLPARTY?

NULLPARTY is a fun website that attracts users looking for free downloads of popular WordPress plugins and themes, and then suggests alternative free software options to them instead. This website is a sort of guerilla marketing microsite that is managed by LittleBizzy.

What exactly is “nulled” software?

If you're been on the internet for several years, you have probably come across the term "nulled" at least a few times. Simply put, the term "nulled" applies to software packages that have been stripped of any license key or API key requirements in order to function, and/or, have been repackaged for easy redistribution. In most cases, the parties doing the redistribution are not the original authors of the software, and are either reselling the nulled versions of the software, or might be motivated by activism. For example, some open source or open web activists believe that some or all software should be free to download.